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Overview & How it works

We are a full service organizing company. That means we are able to handle extremely large jobs that require multiple organizers. We also do lots of smaller jobs that are limited to one room, closet or area.  Our organizers are members of the National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization and NAPO (National Organization of Professional Organizers).  We are experienced, innovative, and always non-judgmental.  Here is a link to some helpful questions to ask when interviewing an organizer for your job.

One of the most common questions people ask is, "How will they know how to organize for ME?"  It is a good question, because everyone needs a different type of organizing.  Some people are highly visual and need to see their stuff. Other people are unable to think if they have stimulating visual surroundings so they need things totally put away. We have an 8-page questionnaire that we go through with each new client.  It helps us know our clients so well that we could effectively "tell their story".  We acknowledge that it is very strange to have someone you don't know very well be inside your space touching all your stuff!  That's why we developed the questionnaire, the client gets to know us as well as share their story. It leads to the best possible organizing experience. 

Some jobs need two weeks to complete, require a crew of nine, use 220 hours of organizing-and cost $18,000. Some jobs last 4 hours and cost $340. We also have weekly and monthly clients who hire us to refresh the organizing we did. The price depends so heavily on the job that it's almost impossible to gage a job without personally seeing it first.

We start by doing an initial consultation, where we get an idea of the scope of the job and you learn the costs involved.  You also get to look through our before/after portfolio of photos.  We do a home walk through where you get valuable organizational information to address your specific needs.  A one hour consultation is $100.

We are also experienced in organizing businesses. We revamp file systems or design new systems.  We clear clutter and organize supply rooms. Organizing is a complicated art that requires multiple skills.  You will want to hire someone who has years of experience behind them as well as numerous references to vouch for their work and ethics.

Our rates are as follows:

References: We have a whole list of deliriously happy clients if you wish to call past clients to hear how beneficial our services were.  I bring this list to my initial consultation.  Please read our Testimonials.

We are insured with Liability Insurance. Workers Comp Insurance covers all employees.

Please call or email to set up a consultation. That is the next step towards your decision.  A consultation is the only way to get an accurate estimate of the costs involved.

We can help you!

The Consultation Process

Getting organized by a professional is an investment in your self.  Sometimes it’s painful to allow another person to see a weak area that you have.  Guess what? 

I have my own weak areas and am totally able to empathize with the stress that revealing weakness can cause. But please don’t be embarrassed about our seeing your clutter.  Think of this: we love to help people and are not judging you!  When we see clutter, we get excited!  We help find the root causes of it and we take action with you. There is not a hint of shame about asking for help. In fact, you’ve made a huge progress step by taking the initiative to ask that question.

A consultation is a home visit, by me, and yes, I do charge for it. I spend an hour with you looking at your home and offering my expertise about how you could reorganize things yourself, or how we would organize for you.  I teach you our tried and true organizing procedures. I also give you the chance to see our portfolio of before/after photos, and I give you an estimate for the scope of work you are thinking about having us do.  The next decision for you would be; do you do it yourself, or will you hire a professional to help you?

If you choose to hire organizethis to organize your home, the consultation fee is deducted off the invoice, and the consultation then becomes free!

During a consultation I look at things like:

  1. Where is the main "brain" or office center of the home? The brain area it is a frequently used and very important space that people generally tend to devalue the importance of.
  2. Where are papers being placed when the mail comes? How do you file important family papers?
  3. What things do you loose track of easily?
  4. What happens to the dirty laundry and the cleaned laundry?
  5. Where do you put extra food and home goods that don't belong in the kitchen. 
  6. Is your garage working against you or for you? Is there room in there to bring items that no longer belong in the house, but that you need to save for later? 
  7. Where are the traffic jams (stacks and stacks of things) and why do they accumulate where they do? 

You are on the right track!  Remember that your own best thinking got you to the place that you are at, so maybe it is time to hire someone who has the patience and expertise to get you out of that rut and on track again!